Three New Schools Opening at The Ponds!


Three New Schools Opening at The Ponds!
01st February 2015

With three new schools opened recently, The Ponds has been making headlines in local newspapers and on TV.

Riverbank Public School has opened with 300 children, including 95 Kindy children, and 18 staff (including administration and support staff). The canteen and library are shared with the high school throughout this year.

The Ponds High School has commenced with some 190 year 7 students and 23 staff. The school is pictured below.

The Ponds School for Specific Purposes is currently K to Year 6 but will be K to Year 12 in the future, with a total capacity of 100 students. The school has a high teacher/student ratio due to the special needs of the students.

The Ponds High School