The ESL Conversation Group


The ESL Conversation Group
19th May 2016

This group has been meeting for just over 18 months and continues to be enjoyed and appreciated by all those who attend. During this time more than 40 people have joined the class, but many are only able to come for three to six months as they are here visiting family before going back overseas to live.


There is usually a core group with about 16 members who come each week and there is a rich cultural and language diversity so that we learn many things from each other. Currently, three members are native English speakers while the remaining group members come from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia and South Korea as well as from Egypt and Peru.


The group aims to provide speaking and listening experiences for each member in a friendly atmosphere. Weekly lessons have a topic focus so that the information and language covered is useful for real life situations and activities. It’s not just the opportunity to converse in English that is valued, however, but the developing friendships and relationships amongst the group members. We have a great time!


The ESL Group meets in Office 6 at The Ponds Hub 10:30am – 11:30am on Wednesday mornings during school terms.