Great effort for our Spring Clean


Great effort for our Spring Clean
05th October 2016

A huge thank you to those handful of people who assisted with The Ponds Clean Up on the 25Sep16 at The Plaza Park.

12 bags of rubbish were collected around The Plaza Park, The Cycleway from Jonas Bradley Oval to Stanhope Parkway, Jonas Bradley Oval, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts and around The Ponds Community Hub. Great effort!

We are planning on organising one of these Clean Ups every quarter at sites in The Ponds that need attention.

It would be greatly appreciated if residents and visitors to The Ponds could follow the suggestions below. Thank you in advance to adhering to this. We know that most of you are doing this already.

  • Please, please, please use the bins that are available out our parks.
  • When having a party/picnic in the park, please bring your own rubbish bags to take your rubbish away with you back to your home to stop bins overflowing with rubbish at our parks.
  • When walking your dog, please take a bag with you to clean up any dog poop. Then dispose of in a rubbish bin.
  • If you see a rubbish issue in the area could you please contact Blacktown City Council on 02-9839 6000or online via this link
  • Please do not dump rubbish on the streets or at our parks from your homes. You can arrange a household collection by Blacktown City Council via this link
  • If you notice rubbish around the area of your home, and it is safe to do so, please take the time to place it in a bin. Otherwise it may end up going into the gutters and our waterways.