Fiddler Rewards – Special Club Membership with TPKRCA


Fiddler Rewards – Special Club Membership with TPKRCA
05th October 2017

Great news for our Members!

We now have the opportunity for TPKRCA Life Members to receive a special club membership Reward Card with The Fiddler.

You swipe your card every time you go to The Fiddler and whenever you make a purchase and you start earning rewards! You also receive the special offers that are only available to Rewards Members and as a club the more we use our cards, we unlock extra deals for our Members.

How do you get your Rewards card?

You need to receive an Exchange Card from TPKRCA Secretary or Committee Member which you take to The Fiddler staff at the VIP Lounge. Complete their membership process and receive your co-branded Rewards Card which you can then start using and start earning rewards!

Existing Members – Can collect the Exchange Card at events. Some upcoming events include the We Love The Ponds Waterways and Wildlife Day on Saturday 14th October and the Meet Your Neighbour Night on Friday 20th October. See the event page for details.

New Members – Once they join at an event or stall they will receive their Exchange Card. If Members join online – once their payment has been confirmed and they provide their correct address details – an Exchange Card will be provided.

Already have a Fiddler Rewards Card? That is fine, take your Exchange Card along with your current Fiddler Reward Card to the staff at the VIP Lounge and they will change it over to the co-branded card.

Want more info about the Rewards Card? Read the Fiddler Rewards FAQs